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12-30-2002 Glow-Key™ officially opens doors to sell the worlds first glowing computer keyboard stickers and computer keyboards.

GK-Mid-Night Surfers ltd.







Glow-Key™ Products International, LLC. Glow in the dark and reflect in the light Computer Keyboards and Stickers All Rights Reserved.
11-22-2002 Glow-Key™ owner visits IBM headquarters to officially discuss with IBM executives about Glow-Key's™ OEM licensing agreements.
01-07-2003 Glow-Key™ owner accepts invitations to meet with Dell executives at Dell™ Computer headquarters in Austin Texas in January 2003.
01-17-2003 Glow-Key™ was approached by MediaCorp-Worldwide in distributing Glow-Key™ Stickers to major markets worldwide and to develop TV campaign to broader markets.
02-12-2003 Major retailer, Radio Shack Corporation buyers are reviewing Glow-Key™ products. Glow-Key™ Management guarantees 1 million units to be produced each year for Radio Shack.
02-18-2003 Star Bucks Coffee Company's Corporate Headquarters has received Glow-Key™ proposals and products for their review. "The product makes sense for late night coffee/tea drinkers."
02-18-2003 Circuit City Corporate Headquarters are reviewing Glow-Key™ products for national distribution. Circuit City sells high quality consumer electronic goods including computer products.
02-18-2003 Glow-Key™ Management submitted products to The Walt Disney Company. "Children are the first to own something that glows in the dark. If they like it, everybody will follow."
02-18-2003 Company leaders of Glow-Key™ made a strong case to Borders Book Corporation in offering Glow-Key™ products to all regional locations.
02-18-2003 Major Consumer Electronic Retailer, Best Buy has received Glow-Key™ wholesale proposal. Best Buy sells computing devices through their national stores.
02-18-2003 Office Max has received Glow-Key™ wholesale proposal and product samples. Office Max sells computing devices through their national stores chains.
02-18-2003 The Discover Channel/The Nature Store retail Corporate Headquarters in Berkeley California has received Glow-Key™ products for initial review. "The company loves new ideas that work."
02-19-2003 Glow-Key™ takes flight by offering its products and samples to Sky Mall Headquarters. "This company has great products even '007' would purchase."
02-19-2003 local store Manager has shown interest in Glow-Key™ products. Glow-Key™ Management had submitted samples to Alameda's consumer electronic Good Guys store.
02-19-2003 Wal-Mart reviews Glow-Key™ products for potential sales. "Wal-Mart could never be overlooked or under-looked. Wal-Mart has a very loyal following to mythical proportions."
02-19-2003 Glow-Key™ Management Team forwards their products to The Walgreens Company. "Walgreens sales many major consumer electronic goods and accessories."
02-19-2003 Glow-Key™ CompUSA Corporate Headquarters in Dallas Texas received sample products and wholesale proposal. "Our products are a natural fit with CompUSA audiences."
02-19-2003 Glow-Key™ Management sends Staples Corporate Headquarters product samples. "With more people working from home, and working in to the night, our product offers a solution."
02-19-2003 Glow-Key™ Owners secures multiple broad patents in China. "This is major achievement for our young company. Many great things are yet to come."
02-19-2003 Auburn Massachusetts Police Departments shall receive samples. "Photoluminescence materials helped victims escape Trade Tower bombings. Public safety means everything to us."
02-20-2003 A company known for Tiger Woods endorsements, Target Corporation headquarters has offered to study Glow-Key™ products. "Target is another huge consumer electronic retail powerhouse."
02-20-2003 Because of the growing International demand, Glow-Key™ will be expanding it's international web-presents to support other countries.
02-26-2003 Glow-Key™ online customers can now make purchases with any major credit card through PayPal. "We are going to make it easy to do business with us and PayPal security is awesome!"
03-05-2003 Glow-Key™ Management plans to discuss openly with The Modesto Bee News team about Glow-Key's revolutonary Internet company and visions for the future.
03-07-2003 Glow-Key™ Executives opens office in China. "China is key to our success and having our principles in Asia adds value to our company."
03-09-2003 Glow-Key™ sends customers package tracking numbers via email, with every order. "Securing every order to its destination and assuring peace-of-mind to our customers is our top priority."


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