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Glow-Key™ Products International, LLC. Glow in the dark and reflect in the light Computer Keyboards and Stickers All Rights Reserved.
1 - 800 - 514 - 4569
1 - 800 - 514 - 4569


"A scientifically proven non-electrical solution..."

"Great for night gamers..."

"Perfect for replacing my old fading keys..."

"The stickers protects my investment and adds value..."

"A new look without replacing my original keyboard. What will they think of next? "

"My wireless keyboard glows like my TV remote, only I don't think I will lose it..."

"You found a big hole that big PC companies missed... I salute you!"

"I love the fact that it doesn't eat away my battieries life or a bulb blowing out..."

"I never work in the dark, but these days you never know..."

"A Revolutionary idea! "

or your money back...

"Very affordable and fun and recharges from the light of my monitor..."

"The glow will never break no matter how hard you pound on the keys..."

"This product is a winner in my book..."

"Don't buy a new laptop or desktop system without glow-key on it!"

"Life is too short. I broke the mold and tried something new and different for once. Thank you GK!"

"I can't stop thinking about your products. I guess because I am always on the computer... "

"Let us all glow in peace..."

"As a Patrol Officer, Glowkey doesn't reveal my position. Electric bulbs make me a potential target. Good Job Glowkey!"

Earning your trust everyday...
"I ordered your product and got my templates in a flash!. Thank you for great service...."

"...Glowkey is not priced as luxury, Glowkey is pathing away a new standard."

"I unplugged myself from The Matrix. Now, my keyboards can glow as it should."

"Smarter, and priced much less than a LED backlit keyboard with basically giving the same results..."

"136 years ago, the fist typewriter was created. Welcome to the pages of typewriter history and legacy."

"This product makes complete sense and finally somebody made it happen..."